Thursday, January 26, 2006

True Confessions, Part I

but first...

"I can't be doing this thinking things through, it takes far too long." ~~Rocky Hardcastle, As Time Goes By

I'm totally on board with that.

My daughter and I were going to race from my house, across the yard and driveway to my mom's house next door, but by the time I got to the bottom...

.....of my porch steps, I was winded.

I was working on my FAREWELL POST (see the one entitled 'There's a hole in my heart...') and it was so awesome that I made myself cry.
You guys are totally going to bawl when you read it.
Provided you outlive me, that is.

Quick question: Would it be in poor taste to eulogize myself with an audio post (pre-prepared, naturally)?
Because that would be cool.

True Confessions.

Four Truths And A Lie
Do you know which is which?

1. I have been arrested.
2. I wear a Popeye watch.
3. I threw my panties on stage at the Russell Crowe (TOFOG) concert.
4. I have dangled upside down, in mid-air, from a helicopter.
5. I have an IQ of 145.

What I am thankful for today...

The morning double-look-back-wave-kiss-blow as she walked off to school.

That is all.
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