Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm your huckleberry

If I was rich, I'd totally be someone's Sugar Mama.
For real.

See, I've been doing the single mom thing for about 11 years now, and I'm mostly content with it.

Except for sometimes.

If I was a Sugar Mama, it'd be perfect.
If I wanted to dress up and go out of an evening, My Beck-and-Call Boy would be available to dance attendance upon me.
If I wanted him to sleep over, he would.
If I wanted someone to come over at 11pm and snuggle me on a cold winter's night, all I'd have to do is call.
Bonus if he's handy at fixing stuff and/or computer savvy.

I wonder if he'd do the grocery shopping sometimes...

Of course he'd have to have a really superior ass.

And then I wouldn't have to share the remote, or add another person to take care of, another person after whom I'd have to pick up, or make conversation when I (frequently) don't feel like talking.
The toilet seat wouldn't be left up. There wouldn't be any extra laundry to do.
A relationship-less relationship.

This is a GREAT idea.
Now if only I could find a Beck-And-Call Boy to work for $20 a week, I could get started RIGHT NOW.

Golly, doesn't that make you just want to apply for the position?
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