Thursday, October 23, 2008


Tell you what, thanks to the ladies at Mom Central I've discovered tons of products that I might not otherwise have tried.

You may remember that I LOVE CLOROX. I have always loved the bleach; it's one of the few products to which I am totally brand-loyal.

This time I got to try another Clorox product, the Anywhere Anti-Allergen Spray. I'm not ashamed to admit that I was excited about this product before I ever got it.

1. My house is really old. The seals around the doors & some of the windows is... not good. There is always dust in my house. Even if I were a GOOD housekeeper (or mediocre, for that matter, which we all know that I am NOT, because we all ALSO know that I am full of lazy), I couldn't stay on top of all the stuff that floats in here and nests.

2. My kids - never in the very best of health - have big problems with allergies. My son is especially susceptible to dust and mold and pollen and ragweed and grass and whatever. At night he gets so clogged and he SNORES and WHEEZES and makes a variety of other obnoxious sounds.

First thing I did was spray down my son's mattress pad and pillow. The Anti-Allergen Spray says it's unscented, but it actually has a faint bleachy smell - which is not at ALL offensive to my nose. I love the smell of bleach, it just reminds me of CLEAN.

Guess what? I use it once a week and there is far LESS snoring and wheezing and snot on the pillow.
He's sleeping more comfortably, which means MOMMY can sleep more comfortably.
And without earplugs.

Tried it on the couch and curtains and so far, it seems like there hasn't been much sneezing or coughing from ANY of us, which is a definite bonus.

I don't have any indoor pets at present (my boy's allergic, BIG SURPRISE), but according to the website this stuff will work on pet dander as well! If you've got a problem with pet allergies & you try some of this anti-allergen spray, let me know how it works -- it might make the difference in whether or not we get another inside dog or cat.

I can't wait 'til summer, because that's really the worst on my boy and this time, I'm prepared.
Try some Anywhere Anti-Allergen Spray from Clorox.
You can thank me later, by sending cash and jewelry. Booze would also not be found amiss.
Is all I'm saying.
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