Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday...on steroids.

I actually had to look at the calendar to make sure this wasn't a Manic Monday.

So the kids are on Fall Break and I was excited that I could sleep in a little.
Then I totally WAY overslept.

Got up, rushed around to get everything and everybody ready...and something weird happens with the coffee pot and coffee starts leaking all over the counter, dripping into the silverware drawer...
and I'm cleaning it up in the dark, because of course the kitchen light bulb burned out and naturally I happened to be out of light bulbs for the first time in forever.

And I was out of delicious amaretto coffee creamer.

I get the kids packed off to grandma's and head off to the studio.
So far, so good.
But my gas gauge sort of floats and I'm never quite sure EXACTLY how much gas I have in the car, and then I realized I haven't stopped to fill up all week.
Head to the Conoco - and I should mention I'm about a quarter of the way to the studio now - and realize I've left my cell phone at home.
You may not think that's a big deal and probably it isn't, but the first time I ever forgot my cell phone & decided not to go back for it was the day my car broke down on the side of the highway.
So I fill up the car and then head BACK home to get the phone. When I walk in the house (now I'm running about an hour later than usual), I say to myself, "Self, maybe we should just call it a wash and stay home".
Then the pseudo-angel on my shoulder said, "NO! We must be good and responsible and PLUS we can't afford to not work today. WE HAVE A BUDGET, you know!".

The shoulder-devil and I sighed and got back in the car & headed on in to work.
Did you know my daily commute is 35 minutes (or so) each way? Not really a big deal... except when you're late and have made part of the trip ONCE already.

Get to the studio.
Boot up my computer.
Get error message: Blahblahblah Cannot Open Windows because windows/config/blahblah/system File Is Missing Or Corrupt.


Reboot. Twice. Three times. Unplug. Re-plug. Try a variety of other stupid things that I know have nothing to do with the problem.

Still the same message.
Text the boss lady... she never calls/texts back. Then I find out she's heading for Dallas.


Can't get into my computer, there are no extra computers for me to use...
decide that these things are all definite signs that I should've stayed home and should NOT TRY TO WORK today.

On the way home I drive through McDonald's to get a big-ass iced tea.
I'm almost home before I manage to get the paper off the straw - because apparently even THIS is much too complicated for me today - and take a loooong suck of tea.


Sweet tea makes me gag, especially hypersweetened McDonald's tea.

That's a dollar I'll never get back.

So please don't take it personally when I say FUCK THIS, FUCK THAT, FUCK YOU.


I'm going to bed.
And it is only noon.

That is all.
Have a day.

on a completely unrelated note...

This is post number ONE THOUSAND.
Yay. Go me.
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