Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gee, your hair smells terrific!

but first...
If you missed Friday's live was SOLD OUT. That's right, people had to take turns listening because we maxed out the server! Hopefully we can upgrade before next week.
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This product was a DEFINITE gimme for me and I was SO glad to get on the tour!
I've been a big fan of Suave for a long time, because
A. It makes my hair squeaky clean
B. My hair has a fresh, just-washed scent for a loooong time
3. It usually only costs about 99 cents a bottle (WOO!)

NOW they have a new Professional Hair Care line, comparable to Sebastian and L'Oreal's Matrix products.

I'm not really a vain person... except when it comes to my hair. I mean, I don't care if it gets all messy & windblown during the day, but dammit it looks nice when I start out in the morning.

One thing about Oklahoma summers is the freakin''s like drinkable air. It is also The Suck.
And it makes my hair texture resemble that of a brillo pad (which may go some way to explaining my single-hood). So I got to try the SLEEK Shampoo and Conditioner... my frizzy little sticky-out pieces are now becoming tame! I'm not even kidding. We also got the VIBRANT SHINE Shampoo & Conditioner which I gave to my daughter to try - she doesn't always rinse well so her hair seems dull a lot of the time. We went outside the other day (I KNOW! I actually left the computer and WALKED OUTSIDE) and LO! she had shiny gold highlights. Who knew?

The Extra-Hold Mousse is ALSO fantastic - it's really thick textured but it goes on light. My hair's got some natural curl and when I use the mousse I don't even have to do anything else to my hair. Just scrunch & let it dry. Saves me about 10-15 minutes of blowdrying and curling. That gives me a-whole-nother cup of coffee AND twitter-time in the morning.

OH! One more thing. If you like the scent of coconut & suntan lotion, you should try the Suave Naturals Tropical Paradise Invisible Solid deodorant.
You know my weird thing about deodorant, right?

So boys, if you want to, you know, give me a hug or something, my hair smells awesome (and it's soft and swingy if you should want to oh, run your hands through it or something) and my underarms smell coconutty and yum.
Is all I'm saying.
Hint hint.
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