Friday, August 10, 2007


One of my new pals, Burnt Offerings, apparently does not know that I will curse you with a case of boils for tagging me has kindly tagged me for a Meme!

Ok, so the purpose of this Unnamed Meme is to bring back some older posts and evidently was started by Mimi Pencil Skirt (or so I hear).

Actually I don't mind this one; I often re-post old stuff because it's frequently better than anything I could come up with now, plus I like the excuse to drag out some of my personal favorites. Yeah yeah, some of you will be all "OMG don't post that AGAIN! I've seen it a bazillion times already!"...and I am forced to reply, "Nyah nyah nyah I am the boss of me so I can do whatever I want. So there."

Here we go:

Link One: Family - Because I still miss my Uncle Kenneth, I want to share my Remembrance post. And this one, My Final Wishes, goes along with it, so it's not really cheating to use both of them. :)

Link Two: Friends - I have so many wonderful blog-friends...but very few really good 'in-person' friends. Here's a little of what friendship means to me: The World According To Monty.

Link Three: Yourself - I actually posted this during the blogathon but I'll link it again here: Come and spend the day with me, won't you?

Link Four: Something you love - What do I love more than my children? Nothing in this world. The annual birthday post, for my babies.

Link Five: Anything at all - This is tough, because, you know, after a few hundred posts there are bound to be at least one or two really good ones. I'll cheat again (because I can) and share two of my favorites: one (really really OLD post) on feminism and one on a trip south.

I hope those of you who missed these the first time enjoy them. If you do NOT enjoy them, please tell me that you did anyway.
Hey, I'd do the same for you.
Well, most likely.

Thanks, Burnt Offerings!! (I was only kidding about the boils thing, I try to only use my voodoo doll for good rather than evil)(mostly)

Feel free to tag yourself, and leave a comment so that I may come and admire your work.

OH and PS: Don't forget to tune in to Empire Radio
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