Thursday, June 22, 2006

So I was wondering...

Don't you hate it when someone promises to do something, and then they don't do it and they don't do it and they don't do it...and you give them a gentle nudge every now and then and they STILL don't do it or even respond to your nudging and then so much time goes by and then you get annoyed and think "Why am I still having to say something about this?!" and then you feel like a pest even though it isn't your fault and they STILL haven't done what they said they were going to do and then you realize that that person frequently seems to have a whole 'follow-through' problem and starts so many things that they never finish...

Or is it just me?

I like cloudy days.

The Shitty Blogs Club Survivor contest is over...the winner will be announced tonight on
beginning at 9pm Eastern time.
Tune in.

I have dial-up and usually miss most of the show, so think how fun it will be for YOU to be the first to bring me the good/bad news on the winner!

Listen to the show.
Have a day.
That is all.
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