Sunday, April 02, 2006

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Things I am thankful for today:

...people who care
...that I can weep for a stranger
...those who reach out when you didn't even know you needed them--but they knew
...underwire bras that fit perfectly and make your rack look incredible

The Passenger-Seat Driver

Daughter: "Mom, the speed limit is 50."
ME: "Mmmmmm"
Daughter: "I was just telling you."
ME: "Okay, thanks."
Daughter: "Because it looks like you're going a bit over the speed limit."
ME: "I am. But only a little."
Daughter: "I thought you said it was the morons who speeded or drive too slow on the highway that cause the accidents."
ME: "...."
ME: "See, this is what's known as going with the flow of traffic.
Daughter: *looks around* "What traffic?"
ME: *looks around* "Oh."

4 Miles Later....
Daughter: "Mom, the speed limit is 40..."
ME: *sigh*

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