Wednesday, March 01, 2006

In Which There Is A Musical Interlude

It was so warm and lovely outside this morning that I cranked down the window, cranked UP the radio, and sang lustily all the way to work, much to the horror delight of the other motorists.

So MommaK and Lucinda have given us a lovely idea with which to share some bloggy goodness with each other...

A Perfect Post

Let me preface my choice by saying that there were SO many posts that I considered, for a variety of reasons. I fall in love with you people over and over again.
And I like it.

My very first PERFECT POST award goes to:

Nothing To See Here (Just Linda): How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways

This was actually one of the first posts of Linda's that I recollect reading, and I loved it. I admire people who are completely without pretension, who aren't afraid to show their warts, who can laugh at themselves, who don't pretend.

So many times I laugh at with Linda, and find myself nodding in agreement with her posts. This particular post struck a chord with me because
A. It was a Valentine's post, but a day late (another procrastinator!)
2. It was not too icky-mushy, and Linda didn't pretend that she and her hubby are the perfect people.

It was great. Follow the links to those other'll be glad you did.

And Linda, I once had a similar situation as regards your hubby's
Mine involved a bet on the Superbowl.
I still haven't paid up.
Sorry, Josh. ;)

in other news...
**I'm totally diggin' my book. I ♥ MommaK with a deep and abiding ♥
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