Tuesday, February 28, 2006


My horoscope today made me laugh right out loud:

"If people came with warning labels, in fact, yours would say something like 'Danger. Do not test me.'
Of course, as fiery as you are, this situation isn't all that rare, so the next best thing would be to have a t-shirt made up for occasions such as this.

I should make a t-shirt. Only I'd have to wear it every single day.

What would your T-shirt say today??

Even though we don't do things for a 'thank you', they're still nice to get. Or an acknowledgement, at the very least.

Some people are not nearly as nice as they make themselves out to be.
Is all I'm saying.

I have a shameful confession to make.
But I'll save it for a bit.

That is all.
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