Friday, February 03, 2006

Bloggers Do It With Everybody

Thought I'd share some of my favorites that you came up with (and I would so make a fortune off your minds if I weren't too lazy to do the CafePress thing):

Frankie says
"I'll show you my Blogroll if you show me your Skin"

Thumper's thought:
"Bloggers Do It With One Hand On The Keyboard"

My sweet MommaK says:
"Bloggers do it so they can blog about it"
"QUESTION: How are you today?
ANSWER: You never read my blog, do you?"

Tommy's is simple:
"Bloggers Do It"

Wild Bill gives us:
"Bloggers do it in their Pajamas!"

I like Chaz's contribution:
"Bloggers do it and hope someone comments on it"

Ivy made me laugh with these:
"Bloggers do it every day"
"Bloggers do it for the hits"
"Bloggers do it with the world watching"
"Bloggers do it at all hours"

Raehan had some great ones:
"Bloggers do it anytime they want to"
"Bloggers do it when the kids are in bed"
"Bloggers do it in their underwear"
"Bloggers do it at work"
"Bloggers do it in their head"
"Bloggers do it in secret"
"Bloggers do it for the love"

My pal Mel said:
"Bloggers do it with their fingers"

Poopie says:
"Bloggers blog and tell"
"Bloggers do it with a post"
(that sounds a little painful!)

The handsome Mikey offered:
"Bloggers Do It For Free"
"Bloggers Do It When You're Asleep"

My friend from Down Under, Peter, says:
"Old bloggers never die, they're too busy blogging" (considering I already started my Farewell Post, I'll have to agree)

The beautiful Meg says:
"The harder the post, the better the blogger"
"Bloggers do it daily"

For the ladies~~ "I'm a blogger; wanna see my entry?"
For the men~~ "I'm a blogger; wanna see my post?

GolfWidow made me giggle with:
"Bloggers do it for hits and giggles"

In reference to the previous post, Kevin says:
"Bloggers do it better than teachers, beauticians and scientists. So there."

I like this one from Lynette:
"Bloggers do it in their fuzzy, pink, slippers"

And from a new friend (who didn't leave a link, boohoo)Wai, some most excellent thoughts:
"Bloggers do it on-the-fly"
"Bloggers do it on the sly"
"Bloggers do it once, then half an hour later, they do it again"
"Bloggers do it at their desks"
"Bloggers do it in their laps"
"Bloggers do it with both hands"
"Bloggers do it in motels"
"Bloggers do it anywhere they can"

And finally, from the fabulous Prego:
"Bloggers Do It Alone"

I expect to see some cars with these stickers pretty soon. I'll honk at you.
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