Saturday, January 28, 2006

Stuff & Nonsense

**Go visit my tenant. And tell him I sent you. (Ladies, for every 10 2 people who comment, he'll remove an article of clothing. For reals.)

Quote Of The Day:

"The great thing about schizophrenia is that I always have each other." ~~aka_monty

"You want answers?"
"I want the truth!"

We'll just see about that...
The answers you've been waiting for:

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**Update: Mary tells me that the audio cuts off right near the beginning. Anyone else having trouble with it? Let me know, please and thank you.

You can all just give "thanks" to my pretend boyfriend Bob Gentry (whose music I love, so I forgive him) for the following MEME:

"My Perfect Partner..."

In no particular order:

1 Loves kids. Because I have a couple of 'em.
2 Is tolerant (of my many, many quirks) and patient.
3 Is reliable and honest.
4 Will think of me when I'm not around (but not in that weird stalkery way).
5 Not only has common interests, but offers what I lack.
6 Is organized (since I’m not) (This was actually Bob's answer, but it suits me as well. I'm terribly organized at work...but that's it)
7 Is neither a slacker nor a workaholic~aren't there any in-betweeners left??
8 Is faithful.
9 Is smart. Brains are such a turn-on.
10 Doesn't mind that occasionally I'm needy, and occasionally I vahnt to be alone.

I know there're more...but these are some of the biggies.
I'm not looking for Mr. Perfect....I'm just looking for Mr. Perfect-for-me.

Now, I'm not tagging anyone, as it tends to bring on stoning and poking with 10-foot-poles.
However, feel free to tag thyself, and drop me a comment so that I can come admire your work.

That is all.
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