Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Brain Soup.

Stuff I thought about today:

I think some people are scared to believe in heaven simply because then they'd have to believe in hell.

I hate it when Taco Bell puts my CrunchWrap in the box upside down.

I wish I had a cigarette.

How can I best annoy my sister today at work?

I hate it when Taco Bell gives me Pepsi when I ordered Dr. Pepper.
I hate it that I had to order Dr. Pepper because they don't have plain ol' iced tea.

Can you guess what I had for lunch today?

My horoscope for today said that my selfless side would be tested today.
To that I say that my selfless side is tested every day, because I'm terribly selfish.

Twice I've heard people (once on TV, once on the radio) use the phrase "scantily clad clothing."
I want to know...who dresses their clothes, for crap's sake?
How can CLOTHING be scantily clad?

I need a massage.
No, not the 'hey baby, I'll massage you *wink wink*'...but a real massage by a Swedish woman named Helga with big strong man-hands and a bad temper.
My back and shoulders feel like a clenched fist.

I wish I had a cigarette.
And coffee.

People, stop cutting the fabric tags out of your clothes. Makes my job harder.

I've accomplished very little in the way of work so far today.
Seems I lack motivation.

Since I write 'blurbs', or listings, every day and get paid for it...does that mean I can consider myself a writer by profession?

I'm really, really good at writing 'blurbs', or listings.

Some days (but only very rarely) I dislike some of my blogfriends for one reason or another.

Like when I see that they've removed me from their blogroll, for example.

Then I get over it, because it's stupid.

Sometimes I don't like for people to tell me "Have a nice day".
I want to say, "You're not the boss of me."
But I never do.

Sometimes I act like that weird, space-age-artsy-fartsy couple on Saturday Night Live...you know, the couple both named Nuni...and pretend to have trouble pronouncing the simplest words.
This makes people crazy.
This makes my day.

I wish I had a cigarette.
And a coffee.
And a cookie.

Have a nice day.
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