Saturday, January 21, 2006

And me without my muff...

What? I'm in the spotlight?
Here I sit in my bathrobe, with my hair all uncombed...and no speech prepared or anything.
So I shall just say "Welcome, friends of FTS! Thanks for coming!"
And thanks FTS, I'm honored to be site of the week.
Do come in and have a cuppa, won't you?

I was just saying to Meg yesterday that I tend to get too emotionally involved.

With everything.
I do. My emotions rule me sometimes.
A large portion of the time.
I can't help it.

That all really has nothing to do with anything.
I'm just sayin'.

Is it weird that I think about you guys sometimes?
Because I do.
During my everyday life, I mean.

I guess that's where I was going with the whole 'emotionally involved' thingy.

Sometimes I'll be at work thinking "I hope Raehan has a post about her kids today, because I love those" or "I wonder what Mags is going to say that will make me laugh today".
Sometimes I think about you personally, like "I hope Michele's ankle is getting better" and "I wonder how Brandie's classes are going" and "I need to ask Sleeping Mommy & J&JsMom if their kids are over their illnesses". "Has Nancy given birth to the Alien yet? Is the bag FINALLY packed?"

I might be at a restaurant and think "MommaK would LOVE this Mexican food!" or "Too bad FTS isn't here to taste this ultra-super-dee-duper hotter-than-hell HOT SAUCE".

When I'm at the book store I think "Oh, I wonder if Megan has read this yet!" and "Kat writes SO much better than this!" or "I can't wait for Thumper to publish another book!"

I saw a really high tech fancy-schmancy capuccino/espresso maker the other day and wondered (aloud) if Steph had gotten one for Christmas. Whenever I pass Rose State (every day)(twice) I wave and shout "HI!", because Amanda works there.

Whenever I'm looking through an Avon catalogue, I long for Birdie to be my sales rep. I want to buy her stuff while she tells me more of her adventures.
When I'm going to the drugstore, I hope that Jessica might be behind the counter.

Almost every day I wish that Mamacita was my next door neighbor so I could pop in and visit and ask for advice. On everything. She knows stuff.

Even grocery shopping I remember what Ivy said about not knowing who around you might be a fellow when I see someone that resembles what YOU look like in my head, or looks enough like that picture of you that I've seen, I smile at them. And wonder.
Is it you?

Someday, it just might be.

Do you ever think about your online friends in the course of your normal day?
Or is that just me?
And does it mean that I'm truly pathetic and need to get a life?

I gave my daughter chocolate chip cookies for breakfast today.
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