Saturday, January 21, 2006

I got nothin'. Yet.

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Clickit. She's my new tenant and I find that she is just as O/C as the rest of us!
Go give her a lovely welcome from her landlady, won't you please?

I have a story I want to tell you...but it's about something that still pisses me off even though it happened a few months ago and I need to work it out in my head.
The other people involved in this little drama I have to tell you about are in the midst of another drama right now~~spewing the usual hatred and bile whilst loudly proclaiming how little they care about what other people think.

I seriously doubt that last bit is true, otherwise why bother?

My blood pressure rises every time I think about it.
Two of you already know this story, and unfortunately you had to hear about it from me whilst it was still fresh and I was enraged. So if I haven't thanked you properly, consider this a big THANKS for listening to me and gettin' my back.

I have been back & forth over whether or not to post about it or just let it go...
I have been back & forth over whether or not to post the links to the vile creatures...
...I don't want to give them any traffic, AND I don't want to stir up yet more anger and ugliness.

When I work it all out, you'll be the first to know.
Until then, I leave you with this:

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That is all.
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