Saturday, October 22, 2005

Special Edition *Flashback Saturday*

On this date in history...

Let us travel back in time...back...back...back..

Saturday, October 22, 1988

To have and to hold, from this day forward...
Yes, the day Monty Got Married.

Luckily divorce was invented before then so that "'Til Death Us Do Part" wasn't put to the test.
It would've been a toss up as to who 'parted' from the other one first.

I had the incredible bad taste to marry an abusive-drunk-slacker
(the asshole groom)
Oh, did I mention that he got drunker'n Cooter Brown the night before and actually passed out when the preacherman said "You may kiss the bride"?
Good times. Actually that was probably the highlight of the day. :)

But my bridesmaid's dresses weren't all that ugly

And once upon a time I sure knew how to fill out a wedding dress

A kodak moment...

And finally, Bridezilla. I'm sure I was bitching about something or 'nuther.

I had planned to have more, but most of my wedding pictures have somewhat mysteriously vanished over time, and I can't seem to locate them.

I really don't mind.
I could tell you some stories that would curl your hair...but I will spare you. I'm okay with it now. This day every year doesn't even remind me of all the bad times, not anymore...but rather serves as a reminder of what I have come through, lived through, and that I'm doin' okay.

I lived in hell for about six years...but in retrospect it was worth it, to a degree, because it has a lot to do with who I am now.
And most of the time, I like me just fine.

My apologies for turning this into a sort of photo-blog of late...I promise, no more pictures.
Until next weekend. :)

And that concludes our Wedding Nightmare Story.
Thank you, and goodnight!
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