Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday Ad Circular

Do you love eBay? Into VINTAGE and/or DESIGNER clothes, shoes, & accessories?
Then do me a favor, 'kay?
*shameless plug forthcoming*

Show my BossLady some love and CLICKIE CLICKIE.
The more she makes, the more I can make.
Help a sistah out.
Plus we'll be bonding. Or something. ;)

I just checked out Who Strokes My Ego...
and I love you guys. Seriously.
You make me feel brand new. Or something. ;)

According to Hot New Guy himself...
He and (former) wife spent a year or so as swingers.


I'm more of the "I don't share my man" type. Oh, and of course the "STICKING TO YOUR VOWS" type.

For crap's sake.

I'm uninspired today. Most probably because I have to go mow my back yard and I really don't want too...if it were any higher I'd need a brush hog.
And is that really poison ivy that I see?
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