Saturday, May 14, 2005

Silly boys make GREAT blog-fodder.

but first...

THE A & Q GAME: round...3? 4?

The rules of play (in case you've not played before) are simple...I pose an ANSWER, you, in comments, give me the question.
If that seems too complicated, then I shall have to seriously worry about you.

THE ANSWER IS: "No, especially not when it's wilted."

our top story...
If this keeps up, you're SO going to get tired of Hot New Guy stories.
No imagination, really. None.
Second verse, same as the first.

This week he's been pretty quiet, except for a couple text messages and an email.
Until this morning.
HE: Whatcha doin'?
ME: Cleaning house, how about you?
HE: blah blah blah remember I asked you to go somewhere tonight?
ME (sadly, I'd forgotten...see what happens when I don't get a follow up reminder?):
Yeah, I was just about to call and let you know that I don't have a babysitter. okay, so I lied. Sue me.
HE: Oh, I understand, blah blah blah blah chitchat Oh, let me tell you what happened yesterday...
ME started the eyeroll because I sense what is coming: What?
HE: This lady that I've known for a long time...and she is GORGEOUS, drop dead GORGEOUS, said something strange to me...she's married, been married for 10 years & I know her husband...she told me that she was attracted to me and didn't know what to do about it.
ME: ...
HE: I mean, why did she tell me that? What's the point?
ME *thinking* same reason you're telling me I guess, moron
HE: I mean, she's gorgeous, she's a good person, so nice, and exactly what I want in a woman, but she belongs to her husband. I'm not going there.
ME: That's a good thing. Why would you want to? That would just be stupid. If she wants to play around, she's stupid too.
HE: Yeah, yeah, I know. Of course I stroked her ego & told her that of course she was a very gorgeous woman, that I told her husband all the time how lucky he is, but I wasn't one to move in on someone else's wife. She said great, I finally worked up the courage to tell you & get rejected. I've been a good wife for 10 years, I've done everything I'm supposed to do...I just wanted something for JUST ME.

ME: Tell her to go visit a day spa.
HE: *laugh* Yeah, I should have said that. I tried to explain that it wasn't a slam at her or anything, not a rejection, but that she's married and I didn't want to have an affair when I'm looking for a real relationship.
ME: That sort of thing shouldn't even warrant an explanation. She took her vows. For a lifetime. If she wants to bail after 10 years, that's her problem.
But I have a low tolerance for that sort of thing.
HE: Yeah. Anyway, it was an ego boost for me, but it was just a weird situation.
ME: It's always flattering when someone lets you know they find you attractive. Anyway, I've got to go, sorry I can't go tonight *lie #2*
HE: I understand, no problem, I've got someone else in mind I can take.
ME: ...
HE: OH! I didn't mean anything by that, I meant a friend.
ME: Yeah, well, whatever. Sounds like fun.
HE: I'm sorry, I realized after I said it that it didn't sound very good...
ME: No, it didn't. But no big deal.
HE: Sorry! But I rectified it, right?

ME: *eyes rolling wildly out of control* Sure. It's really no big deal. Look, have a fun time! I'll talk to you later.
HE: Okay, you have a good day...blahblahblahblah

I'm pretty sure that if I keep talking to him, it is going to be for (your) entertainment purposes only.

Is that wrong? ;)
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