Friday, April 01, 2005

Random Scramblings...

"Thou shalt not kill"

Now that's just good sense.

Even though my kids are at it weird that I watched Sesame Street anyway?

I think the mere mention of the words "feeding tube" will be enough to send people into a frothing frenzy for some time to come.

So...I find myself to be a lady of leisure, at least for a few days. *sigh* Yesterday marked the official closing of my parents' business. The poor little place looked so sad and forlorn with the walls stripped bare...
But we still have the top-to-bottom cleaning to look forward to on Sunday.
Oh joy.

Things to do...
1. Get transmission fixed/get new vehicle. (at this point I'd be happy to have MuzikDude's Demon car)
2. Find funds to accomplish #1.
3. Get a job.
My week is looking pretty full.

From the hallowed halls of Dustbury...

"A farmer in Cabot, Vermont was convicted of starving his cows to death; his one-year sentence was suspended, though he will serve 30 days on a work crew."

We also have a case here in Okieland of a guy (I think he was even a vet...but I could be wrong) starving his horses to death...although at present I'm not sure exactly what the sentence was. I believe he was slapped with a hefty fine (anyone out there who remembers the story care to point me in the right direction?).

At least these guys got some punishment, however slight...because starving animals to death is just wrong.
Which brings to mind the (rhetorical) question:
If Terri had lived in Okieland or Vermont...would the end result have been any different? Or does everyone just care more about the suffering of animals than what people might be suffering?

As my children grow, I have come more and more often to recognize and admire the amazing fortitude of my mother.
Letting us ride our bikes all over creation.
Walking around our (admittedly tiny) town even after dark, even alone.
Staying home alone (and/or babysitting my brother) all day, every day, during the summer.
Letting me drive for the first time by myself to a city 30 minutes away.
Going on my first parent-less date.

I fear and loathe the thought of my daughter doing most of those things.
When she walks to school by herself in the mornings...she is required to call me when she gets there.

I don't know how my Mom stood it.

New 'Meme O' The Month' will be up later today, in case anyone cares.

As today is April Fool's Day, tricks and jokes and tall tales are the order of the day. However, I strongly request all pranksters to stay far, far away from me today, as I have a full-blown case of PMS and my sense of humour has gone south for the duration. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
The Management
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