Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Little Darlings

Okay, I know that Mamacita's children are among the most wonderful in the world...but as fabulous as they are, I have to say that my own kiddos are moving up in the ranks, perhaps to someday challenge hers for the title.

My sweet little daughter is a worrier. Not unlike her mother. And just to prove that little pitchers do indeed have big ears, she is concerned about my current situation (dead transmission, no $$ to fix it, no job after tomorrow, no way to go get a new one) even though I have (tried) not to speak of these things in front of her.

Bless her pointed little head.

Yesterday she came to me with an idea for a job.
She said I should start up a 'stand'.

When I questioned her, she said, "You can take some of our cardboard boxes and make a little stand near the driveway, and sell stuff to make money."


So I praised her for thinking outside the cardboard box...then she tapped her little finger 'pon her little chin, and I could almost see the lightbulb over her head begin to glow.

She's decided that she should be the bread-winner, the bacon-bringer, of the family.

"I've got a great idea, Mom!" said she. "I will take my magic kit and practice doing all of the tricks until I don't need the instructions any more, then I can make a stage in the front yard and do tricks for the customers and make lots of money!"

My Becca, The Master Prestidigitator.

The Miraculous Magic of Becca.

Or something like that.
What a kid. :)

Cut footloose...

I actually dug out my flip-flops (The Shoes Formerly Known as Thongs~before that word took on a whole new meaning) today...
As I looked at my toesies, I was grateful for the compulsivity that makes me ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have freshly painted toenails.
For the first time I embraced my particular form of OCD.

There are few things ickier than seeing a lady wearing a gorgeous pair of sandals...and seeing all that cracked and chipped polish, with long, uneven toenails...Bleh.

It's just a damn shame that MY pretty toenails are stuck on such big, ugly feet with crooked toes.
Perhaps the flip-flops should remain in the closet, after all. ;)
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