Sunday, February 13, 2005


Today my sweet babies are 10 years old.

Where O where has the time flown to? Especially as I'm not a day over 18. ;) (okay, x2)

Aaaaaaaaaah, would that I had a fainting couch, upon which I could fling myself with an attack of the vapors.

(what exactly are 'the vapors'? As a lass I read WAY too much historical~note the finger quotes~romance, and it seems the ladies always had smelling salts to ward off this evil condition)

Our Girl Scout cookies are my day today will be spent sorting 145 boxes of cookies into piles for their intended recipients...and I can't find my post-it notes.

Maybe I'll just make a big pile & let everyone grab their own. If only people were still honorable about using the honor system.

Now gimme the money.
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