Sunday, February 13, 2005

And editorial by...the editor of this publication.

So a week or so ago I stayed up past my normal 10pm bedtime (most probably because of the 2-hour nap I'd taken), and ended up watching Letterman. Letterman won out because I was already in bed and the TV was on channel 9 and I couldn't find the remote.
'Twas a tribute to Johnny Carson. One of the guests was Peter Lesally (sp?), who'd worked with Johnny most all those years.
Dave asked Peter if Johnny ever just got really irritated at a guest and just lost it...Peter said, "Once Johnny was interviewing one of the 'Charlie's Angels' ladies...not one of the original four, but one of the girls who came later. I don't wish to be mean, but she was dumb. She babbled on & on, and I watched Johnny's eyes glaze over. I looked at him and thought that he'd be losing it soon if she didn't stop, and prayed that he wouldn't say anything. After she went on for some time, Johnny leaned over and said, 'Have you ever read any books?"

I'd sure be interested in knowing which one it was.

Speaking of dumbass celebrities...I was reminded of an episode of Leno a couple years ago (or so). Claire Danes was on. They were making a big deal out of the fact that she was able to make movies and attend HARVARD. When Jay asked what she intended to focus on, study-wise, she replied that she was taking a "POT-pure-ee" of subjects.

I can only assume she meant potpourri (POH-pur-ee).


Are celebs buying their way into Ivy League schools, perhaps squeezing out some truly deserving candidate?
Why was I not informed of this practice?

I should've at least gotten a memo.
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