Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dr. Phil plays Pin The Tail on the Jackass.

Our Top Story...
I found a really nifty Meme over at Mimi's place, better than most. So for those of you who might be interested, I posted it in my LiveJournal. Go on, you KNOW you're curious about me.

Our delightfully de-lovely couple from the Amazing Race, Jonathan &
Victoria, get a dose from Dr. Phil.

Jonathan: abusive in all ways~physically, mentally, emotionally.
A real bully. Someone should open up the economy-sized can o' WhoopAss on him, if you ask me.
All smarmy fake-charm when he's trying to impress, a snake-oil salesman
of the first water, he comes off like exactly what he is~~a big, fat,
nasty LOSER.

Victoria: Whiny, weak, allowing herself to be victimized, an enabler.
However, having allowed myself that same option once upon a time, I
would defend her to the unwashed masses. I think she's traded on her
beauty for her whole life, and doesn't think for herself. Jonathan's
got her upside down & inside out. I'll lay dollars to donuts that he's
told her, "you're too stupid to get anyone else, you're lucky to have
me" so many times that she's come to believe it.

Whenever Dr. Phil was talking to Victoria, somehow Jonathan managed to
wrangle his way into their conversation, and turn it back to his
favorite subject. Jonathan.

If you ask me (which again, apparently no one has), Dr. Phil wasn't nearly
hard enough on them. But that's just me.

Now enough about the Amazing Race...BRING ON SURVIVOR!

and in completely unrelated news...
My dogs are playing WWF Wrestling on the back porch.
I still think it's fixed.
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