Monday, February 14, 2005


I was just now thinking...would it be weird for me to decide not to date a guy unless he blogs? Because quite frankly, none of the guys I know 'round these heah parts has a blog. I doubt some of 'em even know what a blog is. And some of them are not-so-literate ("hi sweaty, what u doing tommorrow nite cuz we shud go do somthing")...
Oh, I'm sure that here in Okieland there are some men who blog, I'm just saying that I don't personally know any of 'em. And I know a lot of guys. (you can take that last statement however you want)

On the flip much do I really want to learn about the man in advance? I tend to lean toward delayed gratification in these cases, and uncover the 'man inside' a little at a time, as we go on. So do I really want to know all his innermost thoughts beforehand?


Of course, it could save a lot of time...


Of course, I could read something about myself that I may or may not like...


Oh hell, as long as he can read, I guess that's okay.

See Dick run.
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