Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Blog-Love II

Love will find you when you least expect it; you know, when you haven't
brushed your teeth or hair, you're hungover, and last night's mascara
has given you 'raccoon eyes'.

I'm quite certain that's how it will be for me. Typical.

Now that the V-Day furor has (somewhat) died down, I will share with
you an excerpt from my favorite piece of romantic poetry. I read it in Erich Segal's book
The Class some years ago, and it has stuck with me ever since:

"Star of my life, to the stars your face is turned;
Would I were the heavens, looking back at you with ten thousand eyes."~~


What's your favorite piece of romantic poetry?

I was wondering...
Is it really possible to be truly happy with someone, to have a deep
and meaningful relationship with someone, if he uses Crest
gel and you use Colgate baking soda & peroxide, with whitening power?

Can this relationship ever work? I shudder to think.



...Blogging was actually on the news this morning. And YIPPEE...
and Okieland blogger was actually interviewed. Ima go check him out at dustbury.com.
Join me?
If you're a political type (and much to my everlasting shame, I am not), I think you'll enjoy it.

...I hate it when the morning news makes me cry. This morning there was
a whooooooooole hall full of people who were awaiting their brave soldiers
to return from the war. The 353rd unit. Watching the soldiers walk in
and be showered with love from their families...well..*sniffle*
Now I have to re-do my makeup.
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