Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dinky Ink

I might be having a mid-life crisis but I can't afford a sports car (or any kind of new car, come to think of it) so I think I am about to get

I've always *sort of* thought I might get one someday, but it just hasn't been important enough for me to really think about.  I love looking at other people's tats ( NO REGERTS!) and I've seen some gorgeous work.

I think I'm going to start small though.
Fairly tiny.
Because really I do not like pain and also I have to be able to cover it up so that my mother doesn't see it and call me a slut like she did my sister that time my sister got her tongue pierced when she was 18.

ANYWAY - I have picked out two, and this is going to be my first Tiny Tat (coin not included):

And then depending on how much I cry and/or scream and/or overdramatize the pain, maybe something similar to this in the future, only not on the shoulder (also coin not included):

That one might be too ambitious though. Maybe on my 50th birthday.
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