Monday, December 10, 2012

A quickie review

It has been far too long since I've been given a product to review! I've missed you, darling FreeStuffs.

**Oh yeah, this is the part where I have to be transparent or translucent or authentic or truthful or whatever the current buzzword is and let you know that 
1. YES I received a free sample of the product AND ALSO a coupon for $ off my next purchase
B. NO I was not told I had to write a review, nor did I receive any suggestions, orders, recommendations, or parameters on what/how I should write if indeed I decided to write a review of my own free will. 
Clear? Good.

So the fine people at BlogHer Visionaries and BIC sent me a pretty pink Soleil Savvy razor to check out.
In anticipation of this particular product, I didn't shave for many weeks days, so that I could really put this razor to the test.

I liked it! My underarms are smoooother than my friend Brad's head. No nicks, no cuts.
It's refillable, YET DISPOSABLE.
I know, right? Wrap your head around THAT, my friend.

The handle is disposable, and comes with 4 cartridges - and STILL costs less than just refill cartridges for some other brands *coughVENUScough*
The head pivots, the moisturizing strip was smooth (and NOT GOOEY, because EW), and the blades were sharp.
I shaved my legs & pits twice before I felt the blade was too dull for further use...then again, I don't shave weekly daily because HELLO, WINTER and NO BOYFRIEND.

And did I mention that it was still less expensive than just the blades for other refillable brands?

Although in all honesty it DID take me a minute or two to actually get the blade onto the handle - this may or may not have been because I am dumb and somewhat uncoordinated.

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