Friday, May 20, 2011

me thinks.

It's funny how sometimes a person can often hurt your feelings (unintentionally, I hope I'm sure) with careless words, thoughtlessness or just plain old forgetfulness...but you don't say anything about it because you don't want THEM to feel bad.

I get way more than I give.
Sorry about that.

There's no business like ho business.
Someone should write a song about that.

The commercial that says "Switch to Cox" makes me laugh and wonder if it's a subliminal PSA for lesbians.

I hate it when someone does a nice thing for you and then makes you feel obligated FOREVER. It's like indentured ass-kissitude.

You ever feel like your brain is a TV only someone else has the remote and won't stop channel surfing? Or looking for free porn?
Oh wait, that last thing is something else entirely. Whoops.
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