Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Living in a CSI world

I often have the tv on when I'm at the studio doing the photography portion of my job. We have really limited cable - in fact, there are only like 5 extra stations, one of which is the weather channel and another is so snowy you can't see it. AND they changed Bravo's station so I can't even watch re-runs of old seasons of Project Runway anymore.
I'm not into talk shows, Jerry Springer or that bouncer of his, Steve Whatever, who has HIS own show too apparently.
As a result, I watch a lot of Matlock and In The Heat of the Night.
If nothing else, they're amusing.
Yesterday I found myself yelling at Matlock "YOU ARE CONTAMINATING THE CRIME SCENE! You're walking around getting your hair and oldpeople skin all over everything!!!" and then at Archie Bunker/Chief Bill Gillespie "STOP TOUCHING STUFF WITH YOUR BARE HANDS! Now they'll NEVER get good prints! WHERE ARE THE GLOOOOVES?????"
And I laugh when I watch the policemen stroll casually into a building wherein a robbery has just taken place, holding their guns awkwardly pointed at nothing and not clearing a room. Clearly Horatio and Gary Sinise have spoiled me.

Perhaps even more disturbingly, Bubba is starting to look hot.
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