Monday, February 01, 2010

The "L" Word(s) (#BlogHer5)

I attended my first ever BlogHer conference two years ago, and I was honored to speak on a panel there. I can only hope that someone who may have needed to hear what I had to say managed to find some comfort, some benefit.

It was one of the best weekends of my life, on so many levels.
Also? First time ever in San Francisco!

Then last year, due to the beautiful and fabulous women of Blogher who managed to find a task for me, AND the extremely generous hearts of some BFFs, I was lucky enough to be able to attend again last year.

ANOTHER best weekend of my whole life.
Also? First time ever in Chicago!

THIS summer I'm hoping to attend BlogHer '10.
Also? It'll be my first time ever in New York City!

So they're holding a 5th Anniversary BlogHer Contest for free passes to the conference... perhaps they'll draw my name. Or perhaps they'll assign me a task, because I am always willing to WORK FOR FOOD OR BLOGHER.

I'm choosing to "Define BlogHer In Five Words".

I'm also choosing only "L" words.

Laughter: I laughed until I cried (and nearly peed my pants) more times than I can count - sometimes in sessions, sometimes with just-met friends, sometimes with long-time friends. It was healing, it was beautiful, it was fantastic.

Learning: With so many brilliant and accomplished women surrounding me, how could I NOT learn something? I didn't even have to try, I only had to listen to their stories.

Longevity: BlogHer will be around much longer than I am - it has grown larger and more wonderful, more inclusive, every year. Also? Many of the deepest friendships I have were grown from BlogHer seeds.

Life Support: Finding women who really do understand where I've been, what I've lived... it's priceless. Being able to turn to these people and ask for help, ask for a shoulder, ask for a hug... I've been propped up in so many ways by what I've read and heard and experienced from these amazing BlogHer women (and BlogHims, too!)


Love: I got it, I gave it, I was enveloped in it.
Thanks, BlogHer.
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