Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bits and pieces.

Say, do you ever talk to yourself out loud at work? I mean like you're being interviewed for a documentary or something?
No? Really.
Oh yeah no, me neither.
I was just asking.

"My Recent Tweets That Other People Thought Were Funny"
"Yes I Am Just As Needy As You, AttentionWhore"

There are few things more disturbing than watching Food Network with your MOTHER and hearing her say MISO HORNY every time someone uses miso.

So I go "Look, we've been dating two years. Either tell me your last name or it's over."

I was watching Iron Chef America and Alton said "Frenching the rabbit" and I giggled and pictured some X-Rated Bugs Bunny action.

If a douchebag tweets something fauxspirational in the forest, does it get re-tweeted? (from the number of re-tweets, I can only assume that you people think I am the douchebag in question. Also? Eff Off)

More (OH SHUT UP, THIS IS MY CRY FOR ATTENTION since I was passed over for a made-up blog award and my SOUL IS SOBBING) HERE and HERE.

That is all.
Have a day.
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