Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Doing my part to save the forests.

I KNOW how you sit by your mailbox every year just WAITING for...
that Christmas card from me.

Many of you know (from personal experience) that typically at Christmas time I send out about a fafillion Christmas (not holiday!) cards, hand addressed and each with a personal hand-written note JUST FOR YOU inside.
I know it's not much -- you may think it's nothing.
But in some tiny way, to me it represents how much I care for you that I would
A. Take time away from work AND the computer
B. Actually HAND WRITE a personal note (every year I have to remind myself how to actually write in cursive)
C. Get writers cramp and also that weird bump that you get on your middle finger, you know? Where it's sore? With an indentation? Yeah that thing.
4. Actually GO INTO THE POST OFFICE and STAND IN LINE and BUY STAMPS. You KNOW how I hate to get out of the house.

So really, there's more involved than you think. No pre-printed "Happy Holidays! akaMonty and Family" messages. No picture thingies printed out out Walgreen's.
NOT THAT THERE IS A SINGLE THING WRONG WITH THAT -- I DEARLY LOVE TO RECEIVE THEM FROM YOU. It means you're thinking of me, and I love you for that.

But I have so little to give that I like to make it special and just for each of you alone. It's like...okay, if you laugh or make fun of me I will stab your eyes out some night in your sleep when you least expect it...like a warm little hug from me to you each year.



Having said ALL that, I didn't want you to be sitting there endlessly, waiting and waiting this year. I don't want your feelings to be hurt when the post(wo)man doesn't bring you a card from me.

Frankly, this year has been a real struggle for me and the kids; we've had lots of extra challenges and road bumps and DESPITE the fact that I have some fabulously generous people in my life who've helped me more than I can say... well, I'm just not up to it this year.
I'm very sorry.

So here's your hug and your kiss and your Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Happy Chaka Khan. ♥♥♥♥

Celebrate it by doing something unexpected this year.
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