Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A little bit beginning, a little bit end.

I don't plan to do a total BlogHer 08 recap - mostly because large portions are just a big blur.

NO, not because I was drunk or anything.
For the most part.

You remember my T-shirt for BlogHer, right?

I'm glad I had it! Because I was spotted by none other than the deliciously cute Schmutzie - and we were both traveling alone up until that point. Then we clung together like two shipwrecked souls on a single lifesaver (pep0mint flavor).
That was the beginning part.

Later that same day...
I touched Hilly's boobs several times.
It was truly an awesome experience.

I went out back with Kimberly. You know, lookin' for trouble and stuff.

I slept with Mamacita. Don't hate me because I'm slutty. You're just jealous.

And remind me to tell you later how I made out with Karl many, many times. Yeah, baby.

Plus also some other things. With other people.

And now, some pictures.
I know, it's like going to someone's house and having to sit through their vacation slides.
Shut it, you haven't even seen 'em yet. And plus mine are better anyways. (sorry for that 's' on the end, Mamacita! heeeheee)

So I went here on Sunday...

...because I heard that there were docks and I was hoping to pick up a sailor or two.
Unfortunately the fleet must've been out because they only had a few fishermen who didn't have a full set of teeth even added all together.

BUT! I found some EDUCATIONAL movies to watch:

Beats the hell out of PBS, I can tell you.

And since we can't afford even a state-run nursing home for Grandma, I found a way for Grandma to earn her keep, stop her from wandering off, AND provide housing for her!

I KNOW. Cool.

Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?
If you behave yourselves, I MIGHT let you watch some more of my vacation slides later.
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