Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I like Pokemon. Shut up.

WOO! I have to say that this has to be on my Top Favorite Things To Review List.
If I had a list, I mean.

I like to review the variety of things that Mom Central sends my way -- but I won't promote a product or service that I wouldn't stand behind.

So let me just say, for the record... GAME STOP KICKS ASS!

I went in to check them out & it was like a little slice of gamer heaven. Games for all sorts of systems, and MOVIES GALORE! The used - excuse me, previously viewed movies were hard to resist because they were so inexpensive.

GameStop has new AND used games, game systems, BLING, accessories (and PS my daughter has the cutest little backpack made to hold all her Nintendo DS stuff now), and just cool goodies that I wanted to buy. For myself.

AND. Did you know that you can trade in your old GameBoy & use that toward the purchase of a new Nintendo DS?
I've a pretty pink one all picked out.
Again, for myself.

I wonder if my daughter would notice that her Gameboy was missing.
I wonder if I could lie convincingly about the Gameboy's whereabouts.
I wonder if she'd notice if I had a pretty pink new DS.

*sigh* I think GameStop is a bad influence on me. Sort of like my friends. And the men I date.
I'm sensing a pattern here.

OH YEAH. If you have one of those really geeky kids who likes to beat the game as fast as possible... GAMESTOP will take trade-ins. And they have a really excellent selection to choose from.

So feed your inner gamer and head out to GameStop. Trust me. Would I steer you wrong?
And PS: I really need JewelQuest. Just in case you want to send a "HEY, THANKS FOR RECOMMENDING THIS GREAT STORE!" gift.
Is all I'm saying.
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