Friday, September 07, 2007

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So awhile ago this really groovy dude decided that I deserved this:


Boy oh boy do I have him fooled!

Thank you, F-Man!

Now, the rules (always the RULES! OY!) say that I should pass this on to seven others. See, this is the part I don't like because there are WAY more than seven of you whom I think are nice. So I used my scientific process to determine the seven--it's totally random, so please don't feel slighted at all if you don't see your name!.
The Process: I have this clay thingy objet d'art that my sister made in high school, and I keep it on my computer desk. It's sort of a vase/container...something. So I wrote your names on pieces of paper, threw them in the thing, and drew seven names.
Some of the names are boy's names, because boys can be nice too.

Besides, if super-hot Mr. Fabulous can put up a pink flowered button without being a puss, then so can you. It just means you're secure in your masculinity.
I think he summed it up nicely: "Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness, however. Fuck with me and I will make your life a living hell."

1. Brian. One of the last truly nice fellas. He's tall, bald, and handsome, terribly intelligent, and I adore him. Always have. I'm very lucky to call him friend, and I have been privileged to spend many hours laughing with him.

2. Mamacita. I want to move in with Mamacita and live forever and ever, and we will watch our favorite movies and read our favorite books. Mamacita is one of those naturally caring people who ALWAYS thinks of others, never herself. I PPH (pink puffy heart) her.

3. Kim (the blogger formerly known as MommaK). A steady and loyal friend, a true friend, who likes me even when I'm a jerk (which, as you know, is a frequent occurence)(and why do I never know how to spell occurence? Does it have 2 rs?). I love Kim dearly, she goes out of her way to be nice.

4. Debi. Deb is my other half of my shared brain. We keep each other going, and she always makes me laugh. She calls or texts just to cheer me up, just when I need it most. She sends me confetti-filled cards which someday I plan to kill her for because I'm STILL finding confetti from the last one. If we weren't both straight, we'd probably be married. I love her with a deep and abiding love.

5. Raehan. One of my favorite people, she's sweet and caring down to the bone. She always seems calm and smooth, like oil poured over water. I PPH Raehan too. Did you hear she's started her own religion? I'm planning to join.

6. Heather. One of my soul-mates. Heather's a nurse and I couldn't pick a better profession for her. She's innately kind and caring, and I would totally let her stick me with a needle anytime, even in the bum. She's got a big heart and shares it with everyone.

and last but not least...

7. Jeckles. Oh, stop shaking your heads and rolling your eyes. I know that some of you have read his blog and listened to Shitty Blog Radio and you're looking at me like I'm crazy. I know he's full of rage and loathes stupid people. He's a self-proclaimed asshole.
But. What I'm about to tell you, you must keep to yourselves, otherwise he's going to yell at me for ruining his reputation.
Jeckles is nice to me.
I've had a lot of problems with my computer...and he's helped me every single time. When I have questions, I ask Jeckles. He helped me figure out what memory card I needed for my computer, and patiently walked me through installing it myself. He lets me vent and commiserates with me when I've had a rotten day.
He's going to hate this award and the button and will most likely not acknowledge it...but still. There you go.

Now go forth and spread the love.
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