Tuesday, September 04, 2007

All the little pieces.

My life is a mosaic, made with fragments of you.

You're so pretty.

So I offer a few fragments of me...

I was so sick last week that I could barely get out of bed...so my hair didn't get washed for a few days (and by the way, UCK).

My mom called me Snape-Head.

I don't think that was very nice. Especially since I'm blonde.

Sometimes when I'm at the computer I put on the headset...and forget to turn the music on. For quite some time.

Maybe there's just something comforting about having my ears covered.

Sometimes I'll be thinking about something or other and I will speak a random word or phrase out loud.
On accident.
Like yesterday I was thinking about...I don't even know what, when I said "Daxahol" out loud.


Should I be concerned?

Don't answer that. I'm in the denial phase.

Yesterday in my stats there was a google search for "raehan religion".
Umm...Raehan honey, you been holding out on me? And can I drink the grape kool-aid too? ;)

One of the best compliments I ever got was from a review site.
See, about two years ago I submitted my site to The Bloggy Awards.
(Okay, okay, it was a long time ago when I was all comment hungry & stuff)

Anyway, months and months and months passed and I'd completely forgotten about the submission. Then one day last summer I was checking linkage and I noticed that my blog had come up for review! This particular site awards points in several different categories; my Overall Experience was okay, I guess, at 7. I was tad disappointed, but hey, this place ain't for everyone.
The best part, however was this:

Reading Enjoyment - 10

A pretty enjoyable blog to read. The author is not one to post long boring entries but goes for a single entry with varied topics that are of interest to her and her readers of course. Monty is interesting and so are her thought provoking posts. Her posts don’t just bitch about mundane stuff but actually bitches about stuff people should care for and think about once in a while. And oh yes, she’s also funny.

(this was when I had my old template, that I STILL love but apparently many other people hated)

This blog needs a better look but has good content. Monty manages to be funny most of the time and when she isn’t she surprises us with thought provoking entries.

Reading enjoyment. That's what it's all about.

That is all.
Have a day.
Whatever kind you want.
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