Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just do it or else.

Missed my show on Friday night? I forgive you. Again.
You can make it up to me by going to this page and clicking "Play".

You've already heard the songs on your playlist, now come listen to mine.

Why does my son's room always smell like the zoo?
Do little boys secrete some weird monkey scent while they sleep?

When I was a little girl, my great-grandpa (Papa) told me that I could dig straight through the ground into China.

I dug a lot of holes in his backyard that summer.

Of course, I also thought Hell was located in the center of the earth, so I spent several hours wondering how I was going to stop The Devil from getting me as I was digging through his territory.

Four feet down I imagined that the earth beneath my feet was getting warmish, so I gave up my quest.

I still want to go to China, though.

**ADDENDUM: Do you suppose that, in China, there are hundreds of holes in backyards, heading toward America?
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