Thursday, May 10, 2007


Since when do kids graduate from fifth grade??
We graduated from 8th grade and then from 12th.
But fifth?

And what do you buy a fifth grader for a graduation present?

Is there a petition to Governor Terminator floating around out there that is for Paris Hilton going to jail?

Because I would so sign that.


I'd probably sign one for Tom Sizemore too.

One of the drawbacks to getting involved/friendly/lovey-dovey with other bloggers is that sometimes when you really, really want to be honest and release some (righteous) anger, you can't really do it without pointing a finger.
You know, typically I can be quite vague so that no one will say "OH! I KNOW exactly who she's talking about!"...
But sometimes what I'm feeling and want to blow out of my head is focused to a pinpoint and there's no way to hide who I feel is(are) the perpetrator(s).

There are those who have lied, and lied, and lied...and I've got no line of defense.
There are those who have deceived, trash-talked and whored themselves...and I've got no line of defense.
There are those who made public what should have been private...and I chose not to defend myself.

But if I tell you about it, then you'll all know exactly whom (who? I never get that right) to blame.
And my staunchest friends would happily go and defend me...and then a big ugliness would be stirred up and around and above and about and...

And then we'd have all sunk deep, deep, deep into the darkness of "their" level.

But the injustice still burns me, that I can't tell you about it.

And oh yeah, I accidentally drank a moth last night.
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