Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I love Mad Libs

Mad Libs is one of my favorite games ever and has been since...well, since I learned what adverbs and adjectives were from Schoolhouse Rock.

When my sister & mom & I play, whoever is reading the story out loud at the end is often laughing too hard to be understood.

I can think of a few of you I'd like to play Mad Libs with.

I'd forgotten about this site:

Subject: The STINKING INSECTS in the CLOSET and Other Business.

From: Mr. OCHRE, BRAIN Supervisor

To: All Employees of ROACH-INFESTED BEAVER Inc.

It has come to my MELTED attention that the CLOSET has been DELICIOUSLY OOZED AROUND with STINKING INSECTS. I am tired of dealing with MOLDY employees and their STINKING INSECTS. The CLOSET is meant for PROSTITUTING. It is not a CIGARETTE room.

On a more INFLAMED note, I would like to SPANK all of you for the DINKY work you all did on the VIOLET COFFEE CUP account. You should all be SLUTTISHLY BURNT.

Also, be sure to welcome FRED, the newest member of the PHLEGM department. They will be a CRUSTY HAMMER to our family.


Mr. OCHRE, BRAIN Supervisor.

And they also have this:

Once upon a time there has a young BANK TELLER named MIKE. He was SHAKILY DANCING in the BOOBALICIOUS forest when he met TOBACCO-STAINED JOE, a run-away WAITRESS from the SEASONED Queen DEBI.

MIKE could see that TOBACCO-STAINED JOE was hungry so he reached into his TUPPERWARE BOWL and give him his FUZZY LIVERWURST. TOBACCO-STAINED JOE was thankful for MIKE's LIVERWURST, so he told MIKE a very GAY story about Queen DEBI's daughter JANE. How her mother, the SEASONED Queen DEBI, kept her locked away in a OUTHOUSE protected by a gigantic DODO BIRD, because JANE was so CANDY-COATED.

MIKE BURPED. He vowed to TOBACCO-STAINED JOE the WAITRESS that he would save the CANDY-COATED JANE. He would HUMP the DODO BIRD, and take JANE far away from her evil mother, the SEASONED Queen DEBI, and GIGGLE her.

Then, all of the sudden, there was a MASOCHISTIC TORNADO and TOBACCO-STAINED JOE the WAITRESS began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic DODO BIRD from his story. SEASONED Queen DEBI SKATED out from behind a SNOWSHOE and struck MIKE dead. In the far off OUTHOUSE you could hear a HOOT.


Please come play with me.
I want to see what you come up with.
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