Sunday, April 22, 2007

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

but first...
If you missed the PREMIERE, just download it here:

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and then...
THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone for the lovely birthday wishes, e-cards, and gifts. :)

You rock my world.

My Birthday.

The worst of times...briefly:

*Woke up with DMS
*Daughter tried to serve me some attitude
*Before I had coffee
*Son bit me. Hard. Left a bruise on the meaty part of my thumb
*Still no coffee
*Had a small nervous breakdown
*Threw a temper tantrum
*Went to my room, slammed the door. Threw socks at the wall. Screamed. Cried. Cursed a lot.
*Composed myself, went to the kitchen, found coffee and a note:
"Dear Mom, Happy Birthday. I'm sorry I got on your nerves. Here's some birthday coffee for you."
*Cried some more because I'm a mean evil mother
*Drank my birthday coffee. The balance of nature was restored.

It was the best of times...briefly:

*My friend Zero sent me THIS MOVIE FROM MY WISHLIST
*I got an assload of love from you guys
*I got birthday money that I promptly spent on 1GB of RAM and a headset
*I got to talk to two of my favorite man-friends on the phone. Both of them made me laugh. One cheered me up, the other guided me through the murky waters of technology in language that even a dope like me could understand.
*I got flowers
*and cards in the mail
*Mom made me homemade chicken caesar salad and cookie pizza

Have a day.
That is all.
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