Saturday, April 07, 2007

I hope your Piggy Banks are filling up!

Just a reminder that BLOGATHON 2007 is only a couple-three months away!
I want to make sure that you've been saving your pennies...and if you haven't, you can start now.
Here's what I do: I keep a coffee can on the dining room table, and every evening before bed I put in all the change that has accumulated in my pockets and purse throughout the day.
I encourage you to do the same.
Most likely I will be blogging for United Cerebral Palsy again, since--as you may be aware--that's what my son's got. CP, that is.

Now, as to the bribes for this year...

Okay, you remember all the silly songs I did last year?
Well, since I do so enjoy making an utter fool of myself entertaining you, and since I am so damn good at it (making a fool of myself, that is)'s my offer:

When I raise $500, I will sing another White Girl Rap.

If When I make it to $1000, I will sing three songs that will be chosen for me by those who have donated. You'll have to talk amongst yourselves to come up with three that you can agree on.

If we go all the way to $2000...........I will sing all the songs from the movie GREASE.

And should by some miracle I manage to raise $3500, I will sing, just for you, all the songs from The Sound Of Music.

I think that's a fair offer, don't you?
Just something to think about.

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