Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Food For Thought. Without the actual food.

Random Confession: Sometimes late at night, when the kids are asleep and my work is done....

...I sneak out my daughter's GameBoy and play Pokèmon.
Hello, my name is Monty, and I'm a Pokèmon addict.

MommaK has a post up that ends with two questions:
"Is there a part of your life that you purposely keep a secret because you are ashamed of it?
Are you completely honest about who you are on your blog?"

As to the first, I have to admit that there is a chunk of my life that I keep a secret from just about everyone, not because I think you won't like me anymore, but because it still causes my cheeks to flame with embarrassment and shame.
When those memories try to intrude, I have to tell myself not to think of a Big Purple Elephant. With polka-dots.
Because you know that as soon as you try NOT to think of something, that something squeezes all other thoughts out of your head.

As to the second...well, I think I'm pretty honest about myself, here.
Just as in "real-life", I make smart remarks, I am frequently outspoken, I speak (or more accurately, type) before I think, I try to always be truthful, I often phrase things in the wrong way so that they come out completely different than I intended and are misunderstood, I am very emotional, and tend to crack wise to change the subject if said subject makes me uncomfortable.

But I'm not very objective.

What do you think?
Some of you listen to my radio show. Some of us chat on the phone. Some of you have been lucky(?) enough to meet me in person--I think Jules wins the prize on that one, as she has ever so kindly taken me in as a lodger on several weekends.

Would you say that my in-person self is pretty close to what is represented here, in this blog?
Or is this place closer to a split-personality?

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