Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Final Countdown

I have a small request.
(Nearly)Every Thursday at 9pm EST, I tune in to Jeckles and Shitty Blog Radio, The Worst Show On The Internet.
(it is, in fact, not the worst show on the internet)
The station that currently hosts Shitty Blog Radio is tuning out, closing the doors, going off-air.
I hope, with your help, to convince Jeckles to stay on the air, somehow, some way.
Tune in HERE, tomorrow night, 9pm EST.

I know it's been awhile, but I haven't forgotten that I'm still in the midst of my Blogathon Bribe Payoff! Take a listen:

Click here to get your own player.

You know, I take good care of my poor old car. I check the fluids regularly, keep the oil clean and the gas treated, perform general maintenance. It's old, but it has run like a dream for a really, really long time.
Guess what? Last week, my car stranded me on the highway. Fuel pump. Yep.
Luckily SuperDad (my very wonderful daddy) managed to help me get it home (two hours of me pushing it with his truck)(but we prevailed). Then, over the weekend, he replaced the fuel pump for me.
Guess what else? Today, my car stranded me on the highway. Yep. Right at the tail-end of an on-ramp...luckily one of OKC's Finest pushed me to the nearest exit...and left me right at the stop sign. No sweat, SuperDad would be on the way.
Except he got held up (he was working, you know), so I sat. For about 2 hours. In a really groovy, super-fun section of town right near the railroad tracks! Awesome.
Just me and The Hitcher. Well, I guess he wasn't as creepy as THE Hitcher, because I saw the last person to give him a ride let him out and go tooling merrily along so obviously he didn't kill them or cut off their fingers to put in someone's order of french fries.
So I watched him change his socks (he actually threw the old ones under a tree, which sort of makes sense because after all, who wants to tote around stinky, dirty socks? *gag*), then he spread a little picnic...after a while I was sort of grateful for his presence because if someone really creepy came along, perhaps The Hitcher would rush to my aid.
The SuperDad suspects it may be the timing belt or timing chain or whateverthefuck it's called.
And guess what else? I've developed a weird pain in the area near my appendix.
Or maybe not, because I'm not exactly sure where my appendix is.
Perhaps it's simply some internal bleeding.

You know, I try (with the exception, perhaps, of the last couple of weeks) to find the humor in most situations, to laugh rather than cry...I hate for people to think I'm playing on their sympathies. It makes me feel guilty and somewhat anxious.
But I must have been putting some seriously bad karma out there, somehow, unknowingly. And
UNCLE, already.
I quit.
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