Monday, September 25, 2006

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Can there be a warmer, fuzzier feeling than walking into a room and being greeted with hugs and kisses by people who know you, even though you've not met before?
Because I can tell you it feels just fine.
Being with people who know not only the best of you, but the worst of you...and they (appear to) like you anyway.

Such was the Okie Blogger Round Up.
I got to meet a true blogging icon (and a personal favorite of mine), Chaz. And Mike, who was responsible for most of the hard work in putting the event together.

There were so many wonderful bloggers there, and I was thrilled out of my shoes to finally meet STEPH and NETTL. We've been online friends for a long time, and I truly adore them both.
And then we got to meet, and I fell in love with them. They're FABULOUS.
Steph gave me a huge compliment when she said, "I knew you'd be just like this."

I yam what I yam, sez I. What you read is what you get.
I, naturally, was at the loud & boisterous table.
I can't decide if it was loud & boisterous because I was there, or if I was simply drawn to it because of the laughter and noise.

Okay, I'm totally lying.
I am very loud and obnoxious, so that's the real reason. I hope I didn't embarrass the rest of my table too much.
If I did...screw you.

I was also overjoyed to spend time with one of my favorite favorite people (that I have met before), BRIAN from Audience Of One.
It's always a wonderful, wonderful treat to spend time with him. He's one of those nice, kind people who is truly nice and kind.
AND I got the added Super Bonus of meeting Terri, Brian's Mystery Girl. (you may envy me now)
She's everything he described and more, she's gorgeous and smart, funny, and just a nice lady. They make a stunning couple, and I sincerely hope a Happily Ever After for those two.

OH and PLUS I won an award! Yes, yes I did.
Best Audio Blog.
Evidently my terrible singing of silly songs for the Blogathon has paid off in more ways that one. GO ME!
For a complete list of weiners, go see The Danz Family.

Then my Rubber Duck trophy(being mine and immediately taking on the attributes of its owner) promptly seduced Brian's trophy, buying him drinks and getting him drunk...then they got Chaz's Rubber Ducky to join in for a drunken threesome.
Those rubber ducks simply have no shame whatsoever.

I hope to have a picture post of the whole debacle, but here's a hint of how things were going...


There is no controlling drunken duckies. Am I right, or am I right, Brando Ducky Dear? (and is weird that I thought of you whilst the Rubber Ducks cavorted? Because I did)

There were many other bloggers there that I was so happy to finally meet, and I'm hoping to have more time later to share the link love.

It was the best time I've had in ages.

P.S. In case you missed the show last night (shame on you!):

Click here to get your own player.

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