Tuesday, September 26, 2006

U R $0 CRAY Z!!!111

Okay, so I had this bizarre dream the other night that I was standing around at a cocktail party or something with a big bunch of you and EVERYONE WAS USING CHATSPEAK.

You may wonder how, if we were having spoken conversation, I knew that they were using the loathed and reviled chatspeak.

Because everyone had FLUFFY WHITE SPEECH BALLOONS drifting out of their mouths and I could see the chatspeak.

It was awful.

See, this silvery white blob would drift out of your mouths, and then fill wi+# r3d L3++3rz 0f c#4+ 5p3aK.

I was entranced by the speech bubbles and until I deciphered what you were trying to say by reading it, I couldn't understand what you were speaking.

It was all...gobbledygook.


Whoever threw that party? Please do not ever invite me again.
Thank you.
That is all.
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