Sunday, August 20, 2006

Pink Gelatinous Goo for EVERYONE!

You know, if I had your phone number I would totally call you after 9pm and on weekends.

Then we could dish on all our other blogfriends.

What I mean to say is that we'd talk about how dishy all our other blogfriends are.
Mmmmm hmmmmm.

I had a bizarre dream last night that involved Robby Benson.
MAN O MAN did he look yum...those eyes, those eyes.
And he said he'd never even watched Beauty And The Beast, which struck me as odd.

(TWO DEGREES of separation...Robby is brother to the LAUNDRY line clothing designer Shelli Segal. I list and photograph Shelli Segal's clothing.
It's almost like I'm a member of the family.)

I have four empty FUZE bottles sitting on the floor next to my desk.
Please don't ask me why, for I have no answer.
Except that I.LOVE.FUZE.

Sunday Spam
...because these message subjects are SURE to make me want to open that email:

"Bad erection? You are welcome."

Umm...thank you?

"It seems you wish to have sex longer!"

No, I wished for a million dollars. But you were close.

"Take pleasure from Act while others wait!"

I can't, it's too distracting when you know there's a line outside the door.
That's why the red light was on.

"Even when the cute babe drives you, it occurs before or shortly after penetration"

**PAGING CUTE BABES! I need you to drive me.
To the grocery store. Thanks a mil.
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