Thursday, August 03, 2006

Early Warning System

Dear Anyone Who Is Unfortunate Enough To Come Into Contact With Me Today:

I have PMS and an excruciating tension headache that a handful of aspirin hasn't even touched.

So don't take any of those insulting remarks personally, mmmmmkay?

I'll be totally sorry for them later. I mean it. I will.
At some point. Maybe.

Forgive me for the...inventive and nonsensical names I call you, like stupid ass-munch dillhole sonofabitch or shit-ass freak of nature piss head.

When I say that you're irritating the living shit out of me, or when I say stop that freaking whining, or when I say you're tap dancing along my last good nerve...

I most probably don't really mean it.

Love and kisses,

I asked my local barista what an Americano was...she said it's espresso and water.

Um. Isn't that just regular coffee?

I was digging through my archives and ran across something that reminded me that I wanted to ask you a question...

Have you ever deleted a post because the comments didn't go your way?

I've deleted posts for many reasons~usually because once it got out of my head it didn't sound the same and I hated it, or was embarrassed for the poor stupid little post.

Sometimes they're just too cantankerous even for me.

But have you ever deleted a whole post because the comments didn't go the way you thought they would? Because you expected one thing, and people went the opposite direction?

When I leave comments I usually speak my opinion...but I attempt to be tactful if it is an opposing view.
But then again, you never know what the person reading the comments thinks, do you? You don't know what frame of mind they're in. You don't know if they're getting the subtleties of your remark. They can't hear your tone, read your body language.

So, have you? Hit that delete key after the fact because people didn't agree with you?

I have. Once.
So 'fess up, my pretties.
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