Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Vacation Syllabus

Originally I was slated to begin after work on THURSDAY, but what with one thing and another (broken work computers, my daughter's cracked-up noggin) I had to make up a day's work on Friday.
But it's done and I AM FREE for a week.

So this is my last official post for a week.
What do you have to look forward to, then?

More WAI! Yes, he'll be back. He may have caught the blogging bug, I'm not sure. We'll see if it's just a fluke.

Guest posts galore~~you KNOW you don't want to miss those!
(and big THANK YOUs to all of you who have helped me out with the guest posting~I love love love you)

Let me leave you with two things...

Remember the other day when I asked my darlingest dear friend MEGAN to have one of her Conversations With God & ask if he was mad at me?
She did, and I got this in the mail:

The power of prayer. And Megan.
Thanks, Big Guy. You rock. Megan rocks too.

Now, Megan has suffered the loss of two beloved pets in the last couple months, PLUS she's received some bad news about herself AND her mother and I know she would benefit from some lovin', hugs, and kisses. Go give her some, please. Thank you.
You also rock.

My Fellow Oklahomies (heehee, I think that's what we should be called now)

Raise your hand if you've been on I-40 Eastbound lately just past Agnew and have seen this billboard on the North side of the highway:


I laugh EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I drive by there.
Yes, I'm five years old and find it amusing.

Now, I'm off to enjoy my first vacation in about a million years.
Go see Megan
Go see Brando.
Tune in later for guest posts.
Choose a couple of brilliant people from my (very excellent, if I do say so myself) blogroll.

Have a week.
That is all.
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