Saturday, July 29, 2006

A favorite bit.

A bit of an old favorite post...

In case you've been wanting to try something 'bout this?
**A Monty Exclusive! Cannot be found in Mr. Boston's Bartending Guide, or even The Webtender.

How to make the perfect Montyrita:

Dip rim of glass in cynicism
Equal parts Mommy and Smarts
A shot of humour
A dash of naïvety
2 squirts of geek
A splash of attitude
3 (large) shots of Cuervo Gold
Garnish with a touch of arrogance.
Chase with 4 oz. of humility served in a chilled glass.

Perfect for all party settings, no matter what the occasion.
For the full effect, make sure you shout "OLÉ!" both before and after drinking.
Or you could skip all the other shit and just chug the tequila instead.


What's your drink?
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