Sunday, June 18, 2006

Even MORE SBC Survivor...are we there yet?

but first...

Happy Father's Day to My Two Dads, and all you other wonderful Daddies out there.
You are appreciated and loved.

still going...

You'll be glad to know we're almost finished!
In fact with your help, I can get this task completed even faster.
I'm going to list the items I'm having a little trouble getting to, for lack of time.

If you have any of the following items just laying around your house (I know, if I don't have it, you probably don't either), please take a picture and gmail it to me. Ready?
Tribal Mask
Prison Jumpsuit or Shirt
(usually I see these guys out picking up trash, but NOT since I've been looking for them, naturally)
Golf Ball (Mikey, I'm betting you have one...??)
Hockey Mask
Ball Gag

I'm counting on you!

Now, I had to eat about 472 pieces of toast and have two séances before my toaster produced The King...

I think that was the sequinned jumpsuit phase but I can't be certain.

Say...I wonder if this guy would like to make a playdate with my pet squirrel, Sammy:

He was pretty smelly, though, so maybe not.

While I am grateful to Jeckles for including the following two items, I probably shouldn't have eaten them on the same day:

This guy would be so yummy in my tummy...

Stay tuned...
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